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Tokyo s Kitchen

Chef's Specials

Served with Miso Soup, House Salad & White Rice
Crazy Chicken
Our deep fried tossed in hot & spicy sauce with a side of fire cracker sugar
Grilled Salmon w. Ginger Scallion Sauce 17.00
Grilled Garlic Miso Shrimp
Grilled shrimp marinated with garlic and miso sauce, served w. mixed green & yuzu Japanese sauce
Almond Crusted Red Snapper
Almond encrusted red snapper with sweet Thai chili sauce, served with snow peas, jicama and a black rice risotto
Pan Roasted Chilean Sea Bass
Roasted sea bass topped w. spicy tuna and spicy crab meat, served atop pan-seared tomatoes, garnished w. almond flakes, yuzu teriyaki sauce & served w. black rice risotto
Miso Chilean Sea Bass
Grilled w. home made miso sauce and black rice risotto
Filet Mignon X.O.
Filet mignon season vegetables w. XO sauce

Fried Rice

Vegetable Japanese Fried Rice 11.00
Chicken Japanese Fried Rice 12.00
Beef Japanese Fried Rice 13.00
Shrimp Japanese Fried Rice 14.00
Seafood Japanese Fried Rice 15.00
House Japanese Fried Rice 15.00

Yaki Soba / Yaki Udon

Vegetable Yaki Soba / Yaki Udon 11.00
Chicken Yaki Soba / Yaki Udon 12.00
Beef Yaki Soba / Yaki Udon 13.00
Shrimp Yaki Soba / Yaki Udon 14.00
Seafood Yaki Soba / Yaki Udon 15.00
House Yaki Soba / Yaki Udon 15.00


Served with Miso Soup, House Salad & Rice
Vegetable Combo
crispy tempura battered mixed vegetables
Chicken & Vegetables Tempura
Crispy tempura battered chicken & vegetables
Japanese Chicken Katsu
White meat chicken encrusted with crispy panko breadcrumbs
Shrimp & Vegetables Tempura
Crispy tempura battered shrimp & vegetables.
Tempura Combo
Crispy tempura battered chicken, shrimp, salmon & vegetables


Served with Miso Soup, House Salad, & Rice
Tofu & Vegetables Teriyaki 13.00
Chicken Teriyaki 15.00
Shrimp Teriyaki 19.00
NY Steak Teriyaki 20.00
Chicken & Shrimp Teriyaki 20.00
Chicken & Salmon Teriyaki 20.00
Chicken & Steak Teriyaki 21.00
Chicken & Scallop Teriyaki 22.00
Scallop & Salmon Teriyaki 25.00
Salmon Teriyaki 18.00
Scallop Teriyaki 23.00
Shrimp & Salmon Teriyaki 23.00
Steak & Salmon Teriyaki 23.00
Steak & Shrimp Teriyaki 23.00
Grilled Filet Mignon Teriyaki 25.00
Shrimp & Scallop Teriyaki 25.00
Steak & Scallop Teriyaki 25.00